Client: Heidi Kornmuller
Location: Vredehoek
Date: December 2019

Heidi was one of our first customers back in 2015 and over the years we’ve done various projects and patch-up jobs in her garden from initial cut backs and cleans ups to removing trees for custom made timber vegetable planters to re-planting the lawn. However, various reasons over the years such as personal, environmental including poor subsoil throughout the garden and the drought have taken their toll in the garden.

Late last year Heidi had had enough and we decided to take drastic measures to rectifying all the underlying factors that have always plagued her garden. Our first point of call was to deal with the overwhelming presence of shade in the garden that was detrimental to the lawns success. We removed 3 alien invasive trees that were all on the northwest perimeter of the garden that used to cut out most of the sun throughout the year.

Secondly we had to level the lawn with the pool paving height. This would also give us a chance to rectify the very rocky soil that grass had always struggled to grow in. We set out to construct a retaining block wall along the northern boundary fence and back filled with premium topsoil to achieve this. In an attempt we soften an ugly blue neighbouring block of flats we attached treated timber fencing to the existing palisade fence. A quick check and re adjustment of the irrigation and we were ready to plant and transform this garden once and for all.